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Here are the photos of some babies we proudly helped to bring to the world, and the kind comments of their parents:

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Baby 1:


Baby 2:

baby_1-d.jpgDear Sophie,

After the treatments, look at the results! How can we ever thank you enough.

All our love,
Lisa & Janathan

Baby 4:

baby_8.jpg"Hello Sophie,

This photo was taken especially for you. She is so beautiful that I cannot tell you how happy I am everyday because of

having her."



Baby 3:

baby_2.jpg"Only ourselves know how much we enjoy to have the gifted baby!

It can never be enough to thank Herbal World for their invaluable help."

Katherine & Paul

 Baby 5:

baby_7.jpg"I felt extremely happy and grateful when the beautiful baby was born. That day is definately the most unforgettable day in my life."